nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

You wait ages for one car club

And then two come along at once, albeit neither yet in my neck of the woods. It caused me a moments pause yesterday when I picked up a Streetcar leaflet and saw they had moved into north Oxford, but after further thought I have pretty much come to the conclusion that after wishing there were one in Cambridge, and then when I was living in central Oxford, that that ship has sailed. A car club would have been right then, but I no longer feel that it meets my needs. I am a big fan of car clubs, but I think that if used for more than occasional trips they need a viable alternative - public transport, a safe cycling infrastructure, or the household's other car - and these do not apply to me. Moreover - to take an unflattering but honest look at my character - I can be a bit parsimonious. If I have to pay by the hour in order to do routine things for which I need a car, I will end up feeling that I shouldn't be paying and ought to use the horrifically inconvenient public transport option instead. So I shall still be spending Christmas looking around the exciting world of the small Ford (or Japanese equivalent). Also, Streetcar will not save me £545 on finance and £2349 on depreciation because I am going to pay cash for something that costs a lot less in the first place.

In any case, the question remains pretty irrelavant while the closest is a half-hour bus ride away. That's not exactly going to meet the "cold wet evening" requirement. Meanwhile, next weekend will see me braving the X5 in quest of Ikea. Not much fun, but I really need a small sofa.

On a fannish note, I have come up with a plot for Mistress Helena's School of Pain. Watch this space closer to Christmas, when I have access to my Katy books...
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