nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

If I ever step foot in that building again, it will be to tread prawns into the carpet...

I am in an absolutely foul mood, despite the effect of three hours of Otello courtesy of Welsh National Opera (on tour)*. This is because of this afternoon's absolutely hellish meeting of the Music Faculty Board, in which for well over 3 1/2 hours a bunch of people continuously failed to make any - let alone the right - decisions, and showed themselves the useless bunch of hypocrites that feeling they are. Oh yes, and throughout this kept up a litany of my failings in the job that I was supposed to be doing 2 days a week on top of my normal job, and that due to their utter incompetence, I ended up doing 5 days plus overtime, and in every single bloody instance that something hadn't been done it was because one of the worst offenders had been wasting my time through their own failure to do their own job and trying to get me to do as much as possible of it instead. I will make an exception for the chairman, who is a rubbish chairman, but who is doing it because no-one else would, and who at least means well and refrains from insult, and the other man who actually came and apologised to me and the man taking over permanently for the behaviour of his colleagues. But what really upsets me is how much I have put myself out for this shower and been willing to do it and even enjoyed doing some of it because I had some vague idea that there might be a bit of mutual collegiality going on in the interests of the organisation, but now there is no way that I will be able to remember it without it an extremely sour taste. I might as well have spent eight weeks playing with matches in the library for all the thanks I got.

I have emailed my boss telling her point blank that I will have nothing further to do with the department after the end of this week, and the chairman apologising for my no doubt discernible bad temper, and expressing regret that I do not now feel able to attend the Christmas dinner. Oh, and mentioning the £250 they owe me. Given that he is fabulously indiscrete, I fully expect him to go round saying a bit guiltily to everyone there that I think I've been badly treated - as indeed I do. I have held off mentioning in writing that if the place wants to keep an administrator the academic staff as a whole need to learn the meaning of the words courtesy and prioritisation, but if I am angry enough tomorrow morning, I shall no doubt end up saying it.

It may not help that I'm also really hungry because once again I got an inadequate lunchbreak, compounded by the fact that I'm now fasting for a blood test tomorrow morning. For which reason I suppose I really can't break my "never outside an aeroplane" golden rule and take one of my stash of temazepam so that I actually get some sleep tonight.

*Very enjoyable, and with some of the most fabulously silly hats I have seen even on the operatic stage.

Oh, and to top it all off, Channel 4 have emailed me back to say that "due to budget cuts" they will not be showing any skiing this season. Which means that the only sport I am interested in watching (the cricket having already been reduced to meagre highlights only, and none in the winter), will not have any terrestrial coverage at all. No, Ski Sunday does not count, having as much resemblance to a serious sports programme as Posh Spice Does a Gig in at Wembley has to Match of the Day.
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