nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

It is a grey and dreary day outside, I have failed to organize myself to go to Cambridge one weekend in December, I am exhausted and have a painful cricked neck, and I won’t get to see David Tennant in Hamlet as he’s having surgery on his back. I am therefore going to list some minor things to be cheerful about that should outweigh the gripes.

(1) It’s not my back that needs surgery.

(2) I have done a little more of my Christmas shopping. This is a great relief.

(3) The organic butcher in the market had just short of two dozen rabbits, 6 hare, several deer and parts of deer, one wild board, and various game birds hanging by their feet. I don’t get to buy the more exciting game much (what would I do with most of a hare?), but I love seeing it.
(4) My flat is fairly tidy, so I won’t have to do significant housework this weekend (although I do need to sit down and go through some personal finance filing).

(5) My new trousers have arrived. It took one pair that didn’t fit, and a replacement in the wrong colour, but they are here, they are in the right colour, they fit, and being wool and lined they should be both smart and warm.

(6) I have a bit more potential plot for my Yuletide fic. I may even have time in the next week to sit down and apply myself to writing it.

(7) The library has the Phantom of the Opera DVD and I am going to acquire it after work. Yes, I know, but sometimes one feels like wallowing.

(8) The England cricket team are managing not to disgrace themselves, and tomorrow morning I shall lie in bed and listen to TMS, after which I shall eat breakfast and listen to TMS, followed by a bath as I listen to TMS.

(9) Certain events in a place I was recently working are giving me enormous entertainment. Oh, and the RAE comes out next week. I do love Schadenfreude.

(10) I have only 4 1/2 days left at work and then a fortnight off in the north.
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