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The phone interview turned out to be a lot less intimidating than I had anticipated, and certainly better than trying to get to, across, and out of London by train. I would like more snow locally, but I can manage without, especially as in 6 weeks I shall be in Norway.

I was wondering the other day whether men in central London still wore bowler hats on occasion, and it seems that – at least if the occasion is snowy – they do! It’s the fact that he is clearly lifting it to someone that seems bizarre – it is snowing, man, keep your hat on your head!

We are going to have to apologise to posters on hp_britglish, though, for the “It never snows in London” rule. It’ll all end in tears. Still, I love the internet.

Finally, I am not complaining. Of course snow in the south-east causes chaos – the first snow of the year regularly causes chaos in Norway because they are unprepared for it – and why are we unprepared? I assume because it is cheaper to lose one day in 18 years, than to run full snow coverage just in case on the other 6569 days. Although I really don’t think that Boris Johnson encouraging people to bring their cars into London was a smart move.
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