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nineveh_uk's Journal

The accident of birth having thwarted my ambition to be the benevolent dictator of a small Central European city state, I at least have more time to read. Current favourites include Dorothy L. Sayers, Sigrid Undset, and Patrick O’Brian.

I write fanfic (so far) for the Harry Potter (largely centred on the Black sisters) and Lord Peter Wimsey fandoms, with a few others as the fancy takes me, archived at my journal and http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/nineveh/

Warnings policy: I generally choose not to warn. Sexually explicit fic on this LJ will be noted as such above a cut in the event that I ever write any. Fic on other sites will adhere to their ratings policy. In general, you can assume that fic may include any subjects that feature in the original work treated in a comparable manner, without further warning.